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VILLA SAVASANA was conceived by its Australian Founders, sharing backgrounds in fashion, interiors, styling, hospitality, design and construction. The villa reflects our deep connection to the coast.


Architect designed and constructed to the highest standards, the design melds Balinese tradition with a modernist aesthetic.

This island-luxe holiday home is a sanctuary for discerning guests seeking style, relaxation, space & privacy; a hideaway from the everyday.

You can expect the warmest welcome upon your arrival to the villa. Our dedicated staff treat guests as family and fulfil their duties with enthusiasm and heartfelt warmth.  Service is charming, modest and unobtrusive with their own designated wing in the villa including separate kitchen, office and laundry.  Rate includes 2 Housekeepers - mother & daughter Miss Komang & Dila, gardener & pool maintenance plus Security at the Estate's entrance.  Daily hours are 8am - 4pm except Sundays.


SAVASANA  is the name of a yoga posture defining  “the ultimate level of rest & relaxation"  - guests can achieve this by chilling out by the pool and bale, or gazing out to sea on the rooftop.

We're never surprised when guest's ask "can we please stay just one more day?"

Villa Savasana owners

Berawa Beach Estate # 7

Jalan Segara Perancak

Berawa Beach

Canggu  Bali 80361

+ 61 438 577 017                                   

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